Phases of Healing

How long should it take my body to recover?
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Phases of Healing

When an area of the body is injured, the body immediately begins the process of healing itself. We frequently get asked, “how long should it take my body to recover?”. While every case is different, we have outlined the three phases of healing and their approximate time of completion.

1. Inflammatory Phase: (0-5 days)

The body begins work to stop bleeding (both inside and out) and mobilize white blood cells to the area. White blood cells fight off foreign bodies (infection) and break down any dead tissue.

2. Repair or Proliferative Phase: (2 days – 3 weeks)

Cells called fibroblasts begin to lay down new collagen to fill in torn tissue. Collagen is a fibrous tissue that provides tensile strength to the new scar tissue. Wound edges also begin to pull together, and new capillaries are formed.

3. Remodeling Phase: (3 weeks – 2 years)

New collagen is formed and achieves full maturation. Over time, the scar progressively diminishes, bringing the torn edges closer together. The area of scar tissue is only 80% as strong as the original tissue.

Full recovery to full capacity depends on:

  • The site of injury
  • How many muscles were involved
  • The severity of the injury

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