Nutrition Counseling

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Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition is crucial to your overall health and wellness. In addition to other medical treatments you may be receiving, diet and nutrition play a significant part in your long-term success. Chiropractic is centered around the premise that the body is capable of healing itself. Since your diet and nutrient status often limit your body’s ability to heal, your nutrition must have a good foundation.

One of the most commonly treated issues by our doctors is inflammation of the muscles and tissues. This inflammation can be a result of auto accidents, sports injuries, or something as simple as twisting the wrong way when reaching for something behind you. Inflammation may also be a result of autoimmune disorders, blood sugar metabolism issues like diabetes, or your diet and lifestyle. The potential causes of inflammation in the body are endless, but many of them can be prevented. Substantial research and literature suggest dietary modifications reduce systemic inflammation, which, in turn, alleviates pain and other symptoms caused by inflammation.

Successful nutrition counseling often includes a dietary log, ordering and analyzing the appropriate laboratory tests, an individualized nutrition plan, and tracking health progress through personalized goals.

Our multidisciplinary team of clinicians is available to help you achieve your health and wellness goals!

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